The Lord Is My Shepherd

This recording, sung by children aged 9 - 16, begins with selections from the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, and moves on to festal selections from the church year, a couple of favorite Orthodox carols, ending with Psalm 23, and Many Years.  The music is drawn from several traditions and includes several selections by contemporary American composers. Settings vary between Byzantine melody with ison,  two-part music, and some settings which include a third part for the changing voice.

"The Lord Is My Shepherd" Sheet Music

Tracks: 30

Group: Seraphim Six Children's Chorale

Conductor(s): Anne Schoepp and Alice Hughes

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Song Name Composer/Chant Time Sample Audio
1. Blessed are you O Lord Byzantine Tone 5 2:45 Sample Audio
2. Only-begotten Galician Chant 0:57 Sample Audio
3. Trisagion Romanian 1:42 Sample Audio
4. Alleluia Sergei Glagolev 0:32 Sample Audio
5. Cherubic Hymn Sputnik Psalomshchika 2:45 Sample Audio
6. Creed Carpatho-Russian melody 1:56 Sample Audio
7. Anaphora Byzantine Tone 5 0:46 Sample Audio
8. Theotokion Byzantine - Vassilis Hadjinicolaou 1:05 Sample Audio
9. Lord’s Prayer Carpatho-Russian melody 0:46 Sample Audio
10. Blessed is He Serbian melody 0:43 Sample Audio
11. Receive the Body Alaska melody 0:46 Sample Audio
12. Cup of Salvation Vladimir Morosan 1:19 Sample Audio
13. Blessed be the Name Gardner / Hughes 0:25 Sample Audio
14. It is Truly Right Dinev 2:07 Sample Audio
15. St. Nicholas Carol Traditional 1:19 Sample Audio
16. Great and Glorious Wonder Romanian Carol 1:01 Sample Audio
17. Christ is Born Sergei Glagolev 0:24 Sample Audio
18. We Learned from the Angel Galician Carol 2:37 Sample Audio
19. Rejoice, O Virgin Voskresenski Monastery 0:56 Sample Audio
20. Troparion Lazarus Saturday Russo-Greek Tone 1 0:37 Sample Audio
21. From the Mouths of Babes Anne Schoepp 2:25 Sample Audio
22. As Many Byzantine Tone 1 1:25 Sample Audio
23. Kontakion for the Cross Byzantine Tone 4 0:39 Sample Audio
24. Paschal Troparia Greek/English/Arabic Byzantine melody 1:17 Sample Audio
25. Paschal Troparia Slavonic/Spanish/German Multiple Chants 0:48 Sample Audio
26. Filled with Gladness Ukranian Carol 2:13 Sample Audio
27. Troparion for Pentecost Russo-Greek Tone 8 0:33 Sample Audio
28. Their Proclamation Vincent Petersen 1:06 Sample Audio
29. Psalm 23 Anne Schoepp 1:22 Sample Audio
30. God Grant You Many Years Sergei Glagolev 0:26 Sample Audio