Selections from the Divine Liturgy

This recording features hymns and prayers from the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. The music is drawn from several traditions and includes several selections by contemporary American composers.

"Selections from the Divine Liturgy" Sheet Music

Tracks: 20

Group: Choir of Ss. Peter & Paul Orthodox Church

Conductor(s): Anne Schoepp and Alice Hughes

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Song Name Composer/Chant Time Sample Audio
1. Great Litany Anne Schoepp 4:00 Sample Audio
2. First Antiphon (Psalm 103) Greek Chant 2:20 Sample Audio
3. Second Antiphon (Psalm 146) Greek Chant 2:08 Sample Audio
4. Only Begotten Son Alice Hughes 1:17 Sample Audio
5. Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3-12) P. Mironositsky 2:21 Sample Audio
6. Come Let Us Worship D. Razumovsky 0:31 Sample Audio
7. Troparion of the Resurrection (Tone 2) Bulgarian Chant 0:51 Sample Audio
8. Troparion to Ss. Peter & Paul (Tone 4) Carpatho-Russian/arr. Anne Schoepp 0:25 Sample Audio
9. Trisagion David Wey 4:27 Sample Audio
10. Cherubic Hymn Dimitri Bortniansky 3:42 Sample Audio
11. The Creed Akathist Melody 2:41 Sample Audio
12. Anaphora Anne Schoepp 2:08 Sample Audio
13. It is Truly Right (Joy of Heavenly Host) adpt. Alice Hughes 1:13 Sample Audio
14. Lord’s Prayer N. Rimsky-Korsakov 1:20 Sample Audio
15. Praise the Lord (Psalm 148) N. Rimsky-Korsakov 3:15 Sample Audio
16. Blessed is He Serbian Chant 0:51 Sample Audio
17. Receive the Body N. Kedrov, Sr. 2:01 Sample Audio
18. We have seen the True Light / Let our mouths be filled N. Kedrov, Sr. 1:24 Sample Audio
19. Blessed be the Name John David Finley 0:26 Sample Audio
20. O Lord our Lord (Psalm 8) P. Mironositsky 2:13 Sample Audio