Glory to God: Akathist of Thanksgiving

This Akathist, also called the Akathist of Thanksgiving, was composed by Protopresbyter Gregory Petrov in prison camp shortly before his death in 1940. His work is a comprehensive celebration of Gods glory as found throughout a broad examination of life and in the smallest things and most mundane circumstances. It is a celebration as understood perhaps best by one from whom all beauty was seemingly denied, a song of praise from amidst the most terrible sufferings. The title is taken from the words of St. John Chrysostom as he was dying in exile.

"Glory to God: Akathist of Thanksgiving" Sheet Music

Tracks: 14

Group: Selected chanters and singers from St. Lawrence Orthodox Church

Conductor(s): Michele Sparrow

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Song Name Composer/Chant Time Sample Audio
1. Kontakion 1 and Ikos 1 Gregory Petrov 1:57 Sample Audio
2. Kontakion and Ikos 2 Gregory Petrov 1:56 Sample Audio
3. Kontakion and Ikos 3 Gregory Petrov 2:01 Sample Audio
4. Kontakion and Ikos 4 Gregory Petrov 2:02 Sample Audio
5. Kontakion and Ikos 5 Gregory Petrov 1:40 Sample Audio
6. Kontakion and Ikos 6 Gregory Petrov 2:05 Sample Audio
7. Kontakion and Ikos 7 Gregory Petrov 1:37 Sample Audio
8. Kontakion and Ikos 8 Gregory Petrov 1:43 Sample Audio
9. Kontakion and Ikos 9 Gregory Petrov 1:44 Sample Audio
10. Kontakion and Ikos 10 Gregory Petrov 1:40 Sample Audio
11. Kontakion and Ikos 11 Gregory Petrov 1:40 Sample Audio
12. Kontakion and Ikos 12 Gregory Petrov 2:19 Sample Audio
13. Kontakion 13 Gregory Petrov 1:32 Sample Audio
14. Ikos and Kontakion 1 Gregory Petrov 2:47 Sample Audio